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Caldwell, the sixth largest city in Idaho, sits at the heart of Canyon County. Though it’s joined together with the Boise metro area, Caldwell is a truly independent town of entrepreneurs, academics, hard workers, close-knit families, and friendly neighbors.

Caldwell is well known for its many wineries, orchards, and vineyards. It’s also earned a reputation for great schools, thanks to the historic College of Idaho and its many primary and secondary schools. Inquiring minds love Caldwell because it houses several museums, art galleries, and a dazzling planetarium. Caldwell has also been many things, from a gold rush settlement to an agricultural center, and its residents are known for their adaptability, grit, and resourcefulness.

Caldwell is friendly to business, education, and agriculture. But, most importantly, it’s friendly to families and neighbors. Although Caldwell is growing, it still retains the charm of a small town. Its vibrant downtown and beautiful city parks hint at great things to come but, for those wanting a quiet Idaho life, Caldwell is an oasis in the desert.

At CBH Homes, we love everything about Caldwell-- its rich history, its vibrant arts and culture, its great quality of life, and the people who make this great city what it is.

A couple walks through a orchard of blossoming trees
Photo Credit: Destination Caldwell

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At present, CBH Homes features nine communities in Caldwell. These prime locations offer easy access to the city, but they’re more than just a location - when we say community, we mean it. In any of our Caldwell communities, you’ll be close to the best schools, restaurants, and activities Caldwell has to offer. Our communities also boast easy highway and interstate access, so you can reach the rest of the Boise metro area whenever you need to.

Our nine Caldwell Communities

All of our CBH Homes Communities in Caldwell feature beautiful homes, safe neighborhoods, and pleasant neighbors. If you’re thinking of moving to Caldwell, you’ll fall in love with both the city and your new home.

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What Is There To Do Outdoors?

Caldwell, the chair of Canyon County, is located close to its Ada County neighbors. Boise and its metro area offer a wealth of outdoor activities to visitors and residents alike. But Caldwell itself also features plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure. Area families love Indian Creek Park and Babby Farms. Meet Me Monday is a popular weekly event for fitness and running enthusiasts. People come from all over the country to travel Caldwell’s famous Sunnyslope Wine Trail. And, just a few miles away in Nampa, the majestic Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge is just a short drive away.

Indian Creek Park

Located at Blaine St. and South 7th Ave in Caldwell, Indian Creek Park is a full five acres, and full of activities and attractions. Indian Creek itself was revitalized in 2009, and Indian Creek Park shows off the best aspects of the restoration efforts. It features two separate creekside walking trails, and each are 10 feet wide so they can accommodate a variety of people. Two beautiful bridges also stretch over the creek, and give visitors a wonderful view of the park’s beautiful landscaping and plant life. Indian Creek Plaza has about 250 days of events and activities every year.

A smiling family poses for a photo amongst the outdoor festival lights
Enjoy the lights and make some memories!
Photo Credit: Destination Caldwell

Babby Farms

Babby Farms is situated at 5900 El Paso Road in Caldwell, and it offers much more than the typical zoo experience. Babby Farms is a non profit organization whose primary mission is connection children and adults with disabilities to a wide variety of animals. It’s also open to the general public during the warm months, and operates on a Tuesday through Sunday schedule. Visitors can see, feed, and sometimes interact with a stunning array of animals-- lemurs, camels, llamas, monkeys, kangaroos, zebras, and more. These animals were raised to interact with people with disabilities, and Babby Farms’ staff members are dutiful about keeping both animals and visitors safe and happy. If you have any animal lovers in your family, Babby Farms is a destination that can’t be beat.

Kangaroo hopping
Babby Farms offers unforgettable, up-close experiences with animals from all over the world.


Sunnyslope is a beautiful region in Caldwell that just happens to be home to 15 orchards and wineries. In fact, it serves as home for most of Idaho’s vineyards and half of its wineries. The gentle trail weaves through orchards, vineyards, and sweet-smelling mint plants. Sunnyslope is a destination for wine lovers from all across the Valley, the state, and the country-- but when you live in Caldwell, it’s right in your backyard.

An apple orchard bustling with ripe fruit.
Take in the fresh aroma of the orchards in the bountiful Sunnyslope region.
Photo Credit: Destination Caldwell

Meet Me Monday

Are you looking to get in shape, stay in shape, plan a fun weekly family activity, and meet your neighbors? Meet Me Monday covers all of those bases. This free weekly fitness run/walk meets at Flying M in Caldwell every monday throughout the year. You’ll often find entire families who show up each week, and new participants are always welcome. If you’re new to Caldwell, there’s no better way to enjoy the city and meet your community.

Family prepares for a walk downtown
Go for a walk on the relaxing side

Deer Flat

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Nampa area, just eight miles (usually a 20 minute drive) away from the heart of Caldwell. The refuge was established in 1909, and serves as a home to a huge variety of plants and animals. Its various habitats are an oasis for many of Idaho’s native flora and fauna, and the Refuge encourages community members to help care for and sustain the land. At varying times throughout the year, you’ll find ducks, geese, rabbits, gophers, mule deer, birds of prey, pheasants, herons, and various songbirds. It also serves as an opportunity to learn about many of the crops grown in the Treasure Valley. Caldwell residents are lucky enough to have all of Idaho’s natural splendor right at their doorstep.

A flock of pelicans care for their young in the waters of the Snake River.
Pelicans find safe refuge in the Deer Flat National Refuge along the Snake River.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

Joe Albertson, founder of Albertsons grocery stores, was raised in Caldwell, ID, and spent most of his life here. Albertsons is North America’s second largest supermarket chain, with nearly 3,000 stores and 250,000 employees. Albertson was also a noted philanthropist. His charitable foundation, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, has given more than $240 million to Idaho’s communities, and particularly focuses on education.

What Opportunities Are There to Grow and Learn?

Ever since it was founded in the late 1800s, education has been at the very heart of Caldwell’s community goals. Caldwell is home to five secondary schools and six elementary schools. College of Idaho, one of the state’s premier four year educational institutions, was founded in 1891. C of I has produced three governors, seven Rhodes Scholars, and four NFL players.

College of Idaho

C of I is a private liberal arts college, and the oldest such institution in the state, which hosts around 1000 students annually. It offers humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences programs, and its PEAK Curriculum allows students to graduate with one major and three minors in four years.

College of Idaho offers a diverse campus-- 13 percent of its students are international, 30 percent are Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, American Indian or multi-ethnic, and students come from 22 different states. C of I also features several robust athletics programs, an active Greek life, and an array of student clubs.

Students studying at a shared desk
C of I lays opens a path to success.

C of I also features a high standard of campus living. Most students live on campus, and both outdoor and career-focused clubs and activities are available. A variety of dormitories, apartments, and rental houses are available to students, as well.

College of Idaho also houses the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History in its William Judson Boone Science Hall. It’s one of C of I (and Caldwell as a whole)’s biggest claims to fame, as it is the only natural history museum in southwest Idaho. The museum contains many important regional artifacts and collections, which it regularly loans to museums around the world. The Whittenberger Planetarium, beloved by astronomy enthusiasts across the Treasure Valley, is also hosted on C of I’s Caldwell campus.

College of Idaho offers many fantastic educational opportunities for students, and is considered one of the best schools in the state. For Caldwell residents, it’s a prized institution.

A heavy textbook lays open on a study table in the library.
With diverse course options and a multitude of programs, the library at the College of Idaho is always a hub for studying students.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

Many notable NFL players were born in Caldwell or have called Caldwell home. They include quarterback A.J. Feeley, linebacker Ron Hadley, halfback Dean McAdams, running back Ray McDonald, and quarterback Cody Pickett.

Where To Find The Best Eats & Drinks?

Look around the Treasure Valley and you’ll find no shortage of great dining and drinking experiences. That’s true in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, and Kuna. Caldwell, though, is something special. Since it’s a longstanding city with real history, and because of the soil and landscape around the area, Caldwell plays host to many excellent eateries and wineries.

You can find plenty of great restaurants within easy driving range of any of our CBH Homes communities in Caldwell. And all of our communities are a short drive away from the Sunnyslope Wine Trail, which houses over a dozen of Caldwell’s excellent vineyards, wineries, and orchards.

A table for two is set with glasses of red wine, a cheese board and fresh bread.
Wade into the sunlight, wine and cheese in hand

You can find showstopping Salvadoran cuisine at Pupusas A&J’s, a combination of Korean, Chinese, and American food at Orphan Annie’s Bar & Grill, satisfying Mexican food at Imelda’s Restaurant, Hawaiian food at Island Kine Grinds, steaks and beer at Stewarts Bar & Grill, a classy spin on the traditional diner experience at Mr V’s Family Restaurant, and authentic tacos at Carniceria Mi Tierra. There’s much more than that, too, of course. When you live in Caldwell, you have plenty of food options to explore.

A colorful medley of vegetables rests on a medium-rare steak.
Ingredients sourced from the surrounding farmlands make for some of the freshest and most delicious dishes in Caldwell.

Caldwell is also famous for its wine scene. Wine lovers from all around the Valley, state, and even country come to Caldwell’s Sunnyslope area to try its variety of wineries, vineyards, and orchards.

A bold red wine bottle and glass of wine refracts a sunny day.
The Caldwell wine scene is vibrant and grows brighter and more flavorful every year.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

The land in around the area of what is now Caldwell was once a hotspot for trading fairs, or rendezvous. Indigenous tribes from north Idaho, the west coast, and even Colorado, would come to the area to meet with each other and trade goods.

What Are The Can't Miss Things To Do?

There are plenty of exciting things to do in most Treasure Valley cities, and Caldwell is no exception. Caldwell, though, has more exciting things to do than most cities of its size. Caldwell’s penchant for fun and activities is not often talked about in the rest of the Valley, but Caldwell residents won’t mind letting you in on their secrets. Purple Sage, Caldwell’s municipal golf course, is adored by the community. The Oddfellows Museum, Glen L. and Ruth Evans Gem and Mineral Collection, Caldwell Train Depot Interpretive Center and Museum, and Rosenthal Gallery of Art are enough to keep curious families entertained all year round. There are also a wealth of annual festivals and regular outdoor activities. Caldwell may not be the biggest city around but, when you’re here, you’re never bored.

Canyon County Fair

The Canyon County Fair, held every year in July, is a favorite activity for Treasure Valley residents. It features all of your fair and carnival favorites-- carnival rides and games, fried food, face painting, a trade show expo, local art, a petting zoo, and live music. Plentiful parking and affordable prices keep the Canyon County Fair in the limelight, and its dedication to country music and Americana make it a can’t-miss event for music lovers.

A large ferris wheel stands silhouetted against the sky as the sun sets.
The Canyon County Fair brings people from all across the valley to enjoy the festivities and attractions.

Caldwell Night Rodeo

Each and every summer, the Caldwell Night Rodeo lights up the city of Caldwell. CNR has been going for over 80 years, and is one of the longest-running events in Canyon County. It commonly draws over 45,000 people, is listed among the nation’s top 20 professional rodeos, and is one of the top 5 large outdoor rodeos in the USA. Notably, CNR was the first lighted night time rodeo in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a family-friendly event with tons of bronco-bucking fun, but the good doesn’t end there. CNR returns at least $300,000 of its proceeds to scholarships, community groups, and charitable organizations every year.

A man on horseback reaches out to gain control of a bucking bronco.
Action and excitement light up the night and make the Caldwell Night Rodeo a can’t-miss event.

Whittenberger Planetarium

The Whittenberger Planetarium, located on C of I’s campus, is cherished by space and science enthusiasts across the Treasure Valley. The planetarium features a 24-foot dome and seats 50 people, and its dazzling projection shows draw thousands of people each year. If you and your family are interested in the secrets of the stars, the Whittenberger Planetarium should be on your to-do-list.

A view of the inside of a planetarium during a performance.
A whirl of stars creates a mesmerizing blur inside the Whittenberger Planetarium.

Indian Creek Plaza

Each year in September, Indian Creek Plaza comes alive for the Indian Creek Festival. In one of Caldwell’s best family-friendly events, you can enjoy a car show, cardboard kayak races, games, food trucks, art shows and contests, square dancing, live music, and a dog parade. The festival’s marketplace also showcases local artisans, farmers, and specialty food vendors.

Cardboard Kayaks race down the river as an audience watches
A friendly cardboard kayak race? Yeah, Caldwell has that.
Photo Credit: Destination Caldwell

Family Fun Day

Caldwell’s Family Fun Day is another yearly highlight. Each year, the festival is held on Idaho Fish and Game's Free Fishing Day at Whittenberger Park and Rotary Ponds. It features a kid’s fishing derby, junior fun run, bike rodeo, archery range, obstacle course, face painting, and more. The event is always held in June, and the exact date is always announced by April.

A woman and her granddaughter sit fishing from the banks of a small pond.
Family Fun Day is the perfect time to teach the little ones how to fish.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

Paul Revere, frontman for legendary rock n roll/garage rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders, owned several restaurants in Caldwell before committing to music full time. The Raiders are one of Idaho’s most beloved bands, and had several charting hits in the 1960s and 70s.

While it’s growing quickly and has all the modern amenities of a big city, Caldwell retains its small town feel and pioneer spirit. We love Caldwell and all of our CBH Homes communities in the city. Our neighbors are respectful, kind, helpful, and full of entrepreneurial grit. Caldwell is perhaps the Treasure Valley’s best-kept secret, which is why new residents flock there every year to embrace its small city charm.

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