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It’s House Hunting–On Your Schedule.

We know looking for your dream home takes time. That’s why we’ve installed keypads into select CBH homes so you can tour on your schedule, with zero pressure.

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Instant Home Access - Tour Now

How does it work?

Let me break it down, real quick, once you’ve found a house that’s available to tour:

  1. Hit the “Enter Property Yourself” or click “More Details”.
  2. Select “Self Tour Now”.
  3. Then create a login and password with our partner, Rently.
  4. This will text you a link where you can upload a photo of your government issued ID followed by a selfie! Please note, to keep you and our homes safe, there will be a one-time fee of $0.99 to verify it’s you.
  5. From there, you can schedule a time to view or go now.
  6. Once in front of the property, you’ll be texted a link that will give you a code to enter.
  7. You’re in! Enjoy your tour!
  8. Remember! When you tour a different home, you will be given a new code!

Once you’re done, simply hit the lights and head out the front door. It will lock itself! Yep, you can enter a brand new CBH home, take your time looking around, smell the new carpet (hey, we won’t judge) all without feeling any pressure at all! Trust us, you’ll fall in love and want to purchase it on the spot.