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Located 20 miles west of Boise, Nampa is the largest city in Canyon County and the third largest city in Idaho. Nampa’s central location offers easy access to Meridian, Boise, and Caldwell. The city is also blessed with a renovated, thriving downtown area, an abundance of parks and recreation areas, and some great options for food and entertainment.

Nampa’s housing prices are some of the most competitive in the Treasure Valley. Its neighborhoods feature the Boise metro area’s world renowned quality of life, boasting both safety and cleanliness. Nampa residents are friendly, and the city is both lively and family-oriented. Nampa houses many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, charter schools, and higher educational institutions. It’s a diverse community where neighbors look out for one another and opportunities are abundant.

Nampa values arts and culture and, with both the Ford Idaho Center and Nampa Civic Center at your doorstep, you’ll never run out of things to do. Whether you like outdoor adventure, ballet, museums, musical theater, nightlife, local restaurants, or just a day in the park with your family, Nampa is a wonderful place to live.

Nampa is growing quickly, but it still retains Idaho’s trademark affability, and hosts all the amenities of a larger city without losing its small town charm.

CBH Homes takes pride in its Nampa communities, and we know you’ll love Nampa for its outdoor splendor, arts and culture scene, and overall spirit.

Where Are Our Communities?

CBH homes features 12 communities in Nampa. These desirable locations provide easy access to all of Nampa, including downtown, the Ford Idaho Center, the city’s many parks, and its outdoor recreational areas. Our communities are all just a short drive away from Boise, Meridian, and Caldwell, too. No matter how you want to spend your time in Nampa, our CBH Homes communities offer easy passage to everything you need.

Our 12 Nampa Communities

Every one of our 12 Nampa communities reflect our highest priorities-- safety and cleanliness. Our beautiful communities are full of great neighbors, clean streets, and beautiful homes. We take great pride in our communities, and our community members do, too. Our Nampa communities exemplify the quality of life you’ll only find in the Treasure Valley.

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Fun Fact

Larry Jackson, one of the most reliable pitchers to ever play Major League Baseball, was born in Nampa.

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What Is There To Do Outdoors?

Nampa is bordered by the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Lowell. It boasts greenbelt access, and hosts an assortment of lakes, parks, and other recreation areas for its citizens. For Nampa residents, the outdoors are always just a short drive away. Nampa has always celebrated the outdoors, and has always embraced the outdoors as a place for the community to gather, get to know one another, and embrace the natural splendor of the Treasure Valley.

Nampa residents have many prime outdoor spots of their own to enjoy, but they also have easy access to the rest of the Treasure Valley. Opportunities for outdoor adventure are abundant everywhere in the Treasure Valley, from Bogus Basin, to Lucky Peak, and to Nampa’s own Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. If you live in Nampa, you’ll never be far away from some of Idaho’s best outdoor activities.

Wilson Springs Ponds

Spanning 55 acres in South Nampa, Wilson Springs Ponds offer local families a bounty of opportunities for fishing, hiking, and wildlife observation. The Nampa Fish Hatchery is also located here, where families can learn about Idaho’s native fish-- from life cycle, to spawning habits, to biology. Both Wilson Springs South Pond and Wilson Springs Trophy Pond are favorite spots for anglers all over Idaho, and they are open throughout the year. The Trophy Pond only allows catch-and-release fishing, so it’s an especially popular location for families. Each of the four ponds are connected by scenic paved walking paths, and offer easy access to fishing banks and docks. Each pond has its own fishing limits and houses different varieties of fish (trout, bass, bluegill, and more), so anglers should read rules and regulations before fishing. Wilson Springs Ponds are also popular for hikers, birders, and wildlife lovers; the Ponds are home to over 15 species of waterfowl. If you’re a fishing enthusiast or a nature lover, then Wilson Springs Ponds will delight you all year round.

A small boy stands on the side of a pond fishing with a child’s fishing rod
Wilson Springs Ponds have something to offer every member of the family. Beginner anglers welcome!

Amity Dog Park

Nampa residents love their pets, and Nampa’s Amity Dog Park is a paradise specialty built just for them. This six acre park was designed as a safe, friendly space for people and their dogs to socialize and exercise. This fenced park provides off-leash play areas for dogs of all sizes, and allows both canines and humans to meet new friends. There are special areas for small and senior dogs, an area for large dogs, and multiple open play areas. Dogs love the swimming pond and specially-designed dog water fountains, and humans love the walking trails, shade shelters, and ample seating. Nampa’s Amity Dog Park is the crown jewel of Treasure Valley dog parks, and is a source of pride for dog lovers in Nampa.

A golden lab trots through the grass with a tennis ball is its mouth
Dog-friendly is just one of the things that makes Nampa great. A visit the Amity Dog Park will have you hooked.

Deer Flat

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Lowell exemplify the splendor of the Treasure Valley. The refuge contains wetlands, open water, grasslands, and forest habitats. It’s an important breeding ground for native birds and mammals, and it’s also a place where many birds spend the winter. Birders and wildlife lovers can’t get enough of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, and it’s just as popular for family activities as it is for school field trips. The Lake Lowell site houses the refuge visitor center. Lake Lowell offers visitors access to boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, bird watching, and even hunting. The Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge remains an immaculate oasis in Southwest Idaho, and is maintained by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. If you and your family are looking for outdoor adventure in Nampa, the refuge is a gift that keeps on giving.

A flock of pelicans care for their young in the waters of the Snake River.
Pelicans find safe refuge in the Deer Flat National Refuge along the Snake River.

Green Belt

Boise residents enjoy and make full use of the Boise Greenbelt, but Nampa has a series of greenbelts of its own. The Wilson Greenway Trail, a scenic series of pathways, spans about four miles from Nampa to South Nampa, and is the most popular of Nampa’s running, biking, and walking trails. The Greenbelt Bike path extends a full three miles, so it’s a popular destination for family bike rides. The Rails to Trails, Indian Creek, and Grimes pathways are also available to residents. Idaho Press has a full guide to Nampa’s greenbelts here. If you’re looking for a nice walk, jog, run, or bike ride in Nampa, then you have plenty of options.

A bike parked along a paved park path
Nampa has an intricate mix of paved paths to help you explore the the entire city.

Lakeview Park

Lakeview Park is Nampa’s oldest city park, and it owes its longevity to its beautiful scenery and the multitude of recreation options it features. Covered in trees and flower gardens, Lakeview Park spans over 44 acres, and is a popular community gathering spot. It hosts an amphitheater, picnic areas, walkways, a baseball field, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, BMX track, playground equipment, a duck pond, and various historical displays. Lakeview Park is also home to Lakeview Waterpark, famous for its two story water slide. There are plenty of water toys, beach areas to relax and sunbathe, changing rooms, showers, restrooms, and swimming pools. In the summer months, you won’t find a more fun and active spot that Lakeview Waterpark!

autumn leaves fall on the pond
A welcoming place to relax, get active, or just take in the sights.
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Fun Fact

Nampa’s Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1909 by President Theodore Roosevelt.

What Opportunities Are There to Grow and Learn?

As a city, Nampa has been committed to providing great education since the 1890s. As of today, the Nampa School District consists of 15 elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools. There are also alternative schools, arts-focused schools, and charter schools available to city residents. Higher education opportunities abound in Nampa, as the city houses Northwest Nazarene University, College of Western Idaho, and Stevens-Henager College. It’s also within easy driving distance of Boise State University, the Idaho State University satellite campus, and College of Idaho.

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College of Western Idaho

Nampa has something truly special in the College of Western Idaho, which is Idaho’s largest community college. CWI offers a variety of convenient classes for people who want to pursue an associate’s degree, continuing education opportunities, trade skills, and fast-track career opportunities.

College of Western Idaho is a public community college that’s both accessible and affordable. CWI extends educational opportunities to both traditional and non-traditional students, many of whom work full time jobs.

There are over 60 programs available at CWI, including academic transfer programs. Students can achieve an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science Degree, an Associate of Applied Science degree, and obtain many professional certificates.

CWI hosts a renowned Speech and Debate Club, as well as Business Professionals of America and SkillsUSA. Campus live is engaging at College of Western Idaho, where students will both make friends and learn the skills they need to succeed in their future careers.

College of Western Idaho is a great choice for anyone who wants to get an associate’s degree, learn a trade, or seek advancement in their career field.

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Fun Fact

The word “Nampa” either comes from a Shoshoni word meaning moccasin or footprint or, as Treasure Valley historian Joe Bell thinks, it could come from an acronym for North American Meat Packers Association.

Where To Find The Best Eats & Drinks?

Nampa’s downtown area is vibrant and beautiful. It houses many amazing restaurants, bars, retail locations, and other amenities. Nampa takes art and culture seriously, but it’s also devoted to food, drink, and fun. When you live in Nampa, you have every eatery, winery, and brewery in the Treasure Valley at your disposal-- but when you live in Nampa, you’ll always have fantastic options close to home, as well.

Brick 29 offers an upscale take on classic American comfort food. Though its prices are affordable, the bistro takes pride in delivering locally grown food, unique flavors, and a kitchen full of chefs who work in perfect harmony. Diners at Brick 29 enjoy a nice view of Nampa and the surrounding mountains, as Brick 29 is located on the third floor of the historic Masonic Temple. Brick 29 Bistro serves gourmet salads, sandwiches, steaks, fish, and even specialty mac and cheese.

An artisanal steak dish with sides of diced tomatoes and soft boiled eggs.
Local grown ingredients and artisanal flare mark the dishes found at Brick 29 in Nampa.

JP Thailand Express is always bustling. Whether you’re there for the lunch specials or there to enjoy a family dinner, the food is always hot and fresh. There are a ton of menu options here, and their curry is renowned throughout the valley. JP Thailand Express is considered one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in the Boise metro area, a fact its popularity on every day of the week can account for.

A portion of Pad Thai with large shrimp on a white plate
Authenticity is the key to every great dish, like the Pad Thai, at JP Thailand Express.

El Cafetal relocated to Nampa after a tragic fire at the Boise International Market. Nampa residents are glad the fire didn’t keep this restaurant down-- and are doubly glad it’s now open in their city! El Cafetal serves authentic Colombian food, including pork stew, empanadas, chicken and potato soup, and tropical fruit juices. The food is always delicious and the service is always friendly, so it’s quickly become one of Nampa’s favorite restaurants.

An appetizing stack of empanadas
Cap a delicious meal at El Cafetal with some sweet empanadas

Crescent Brewery is Nampa’s go-to location for local craft beer. Regulars often refer to the tasting room as “the Cheers of Nampa,” and Crescent Brewery is always welcome to newcomers. They offer a wide variety of ales, porters, stouts, and other beers. For Nampa’s beer enthusiasts, Crescent Brewery is always on the menu.

A mix of different beers in separate tall pint glasses
Stop by the Crescent Brewery to cool of with a cold, refreshing brew.
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Fun Fact

Many of Nampa’s early settlers called the town “New Jerusalem” due to their strong religious focus.

What Are The Can't Miss Things To Do?

No matter where you live in the Treasure Valley, you’ll enjoy easy access to community events and gathering places. It’s an open secret that Nampa residents enjoy some of the best events and venues in the Treasure Valley. Nampa is a city that values art, music, culture, and history. When you live in Nampa, there’s always something fun to do.

Warhawk Air Museum

Founded in 1989, the Warhawk Air Museum aims to preserve American military aviation history and provide educational opportunities to Treasure Valley residents. The museum is visited by over 5,000 school children every year, and attracts a total of over 25,000 visitors per year. The museum showcases history from World War 1, World War 2, the Iraq War, Persian Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War, and Cold War. Many pieces in the museum come from the private collections of veterans. The Warhawk Air Museum permanently houses several spectacular aircraft, including a P-51C Mustang, P-40N Warhawk, P-40E Kittyhawk, F-104 Starfighter, and more. If you and your family are interested in American history, then the museum offers a unique educational experience.

A Curtiss P-40 fighter aircraft of the Flying Tigers on display during an air show.
Classic aircraft and history are always on display at the Warhawk Air Museum.

The Ford Idaho Center

The Ford Idaho Center is one of Nampa’s most popular institutions. The series of sports and music venues hosts rodeos, monster truck shows, football, basketball, concerts, music festivals, and more. The Ford Idaho Center hosts an amphitheater, an indoor arena, and a horse park. The surrounding grounds are often used for larger festivals, as well. The venue also hosts community events such as the Canyon County Festival of Trees. The Ford Idaho Center is a popular destination from people all over the state of Idaho to enjoy the biggest and best in sports, music, and entertainment.

A large crowd enjoys a concert at teh Ford Amphitheater
World famous bands frequent the outdoor amphitheater throughout the summer

Nampa Civic Center

The Nampa Civic Center plays host to a variety of performing arts events, conferences, weddings, and more. Since Nampa is such an arts and culture focused community, the Nampa Civic Center holds ballets, symphonies, plays, and more throughout the year. Every one of the theater’s 640 seats is the best seat in the house-- whether you’re watching your child’s dance recital, or watching the Boise Philharmonic. You’ll always find something beautiful at the Nampa Civic Center, and the schedule is packed with musicals, plays, and orchestra concerts throughout the year.

A ballerina dances on stage during a performance
The Nampa Civic Center plays host to performances ranging from theatre to orchestra to the ballet. center

Summer Movies in the Park

Nampa Parks & Recreation is pleased to offer free movies in the park throughout the summer! Come out to the park and enjoy the silver screen on a large inflatable movie screen. Grab a blanket, a lawn chair, family and friends, and head to Optimist Park in Nampa for a summer of fun. Each movie night features concessions, activities and fun for the whole family! Come out at 8:30pm for fun activities! Movies begin at dusk.

Picnic blankets adorn green grass as a crowd takes in an outdoor movie
Gather the family for an sit-in theatre experience to cap a great summer day

Taste of Idaho

Every year in the fall, Nampa hosts Taste of Idaho as an ode to the harvest. This community event features food prepared by local Idaho chefs, wine from local wineries, and a variety of live musical performances. The event always observes its roots, and displays arts and artifacts from past Taste of Idaho and Harvest festivals. Vendors are always on hand to provide local crafts, beer, and sodas, as well. For serious foodies and families who love eating together, Taste of Idaho is always something to look forward to.

Fresh gourmet are served on white plates and sit on an outdoor picnic table
Each fall, Taste if Idaho brings food, drinks and flavors to Nampa that should not be missed.
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Fun Fact

Nampa’s Karcher Mall, established in 1965, was the first indoor mall in the entire Treasure Valley.

With its competitive housing prices, thriving downtown, beautiful outdoor areas, a strong sense of community, and plenty of things to do all year round, Nampa is the perfect place for families to settle in the Treasure Valley. In Nampa, you’ll find friendly neighbors and a strong spirit of arts and culture. At CBH Homes, we love Nampa and we think you will, too.

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