The rolling hills of Emmett, Idaho.

Welcome to living in Emmett! Located in Gem County, this beautiful city with a population of around 8,200 is one of the most lively in the Treasure Valley.

Don’t let this small town fool you. Emmett is renowned for its fruit production and proudly bears the nickname “Valley of Plenty.”

As the center of Idaho’s cherry growing business, Emmett hosts the annual Cherry Festival, showcasing the town’s vibrant spirit. Beyond cherries, you’ll discover hometown attractions such as vineyards, farmers’ markets, concert venues, campsites, hiking trails, fairs, whitewater rafting adventures, and much more.

Emmett occupies a unique and cherished position in CBH. The delightful atmosphere of this small town will envelop you with joy and a profound sense of belonging, as if you’ve discovered exactly where you’re meant to be – living in Emmett.