Idaho's #1 Builder

For us, being at the top is never lonely.

28 years ago, CBH started building the dream, one home at a time. We didn’t set out to become the #1 home builder in Idaho or #38 in the nation, but when people like what you do, they generally tell other people and that’s worked out pretty good for us and everybody else too.

We're 22,000 homeowners STRONG and counting. We couldn't be more grateful, humbled and amazed. We thank everyone who helped, hammered, closed and so much more along the way.

Being the largest homebuilder in Idaho isn’t just about how many homes we’ve built, it’s about the 22,000 people (and counting) who call a CBH Home “home,” each one with their own special take on what “home” means to them.

We’re not just big in New Home Construction in Boise, in 2016 CBH Homes received a bronze award from the National Housing Quality Award, the top award for quality management in homebuilding.

CBH was recently named Best Places to Work in Idaho and 10th in the Nation for Productivity. You’ll see why when you meet the dedicated and enthusiastic CBH crew. It’s obvious that they not only work hard, play hard and that they LOVE what they do. The CBH crew is there and rooting for you every step of the way to help you create your dream home. With our extensive range of floor plans you can choose the ones that work with the way you live.

We’ve built communities all over the Treasure Valley; not just a few homes here and there, but entire communities where families live and grow up, communities where there’s a sense of belonging and a reason for how everything goes together.

We’re CBH Homes.
Building the dream in the Treasure Valley for 28 years.

Corey Barton, President“I’m one of the believers that anything’s possible if you put your mind to it. Add a few more people focusing on the same thing and you can accomplish amazing results. CBH continues to attract solid, winning people to our team. Growth is huge for us. We desire growth in the number of homes we build as well as the cities we cover. These visions start with one thing – our people.” Corey Barton, President

We Believe in Giving Back

At CBH homes, we love our community. And we mean we're really, really head over heels, hearts and rainbows, sealed with a kiss, head in the clouds in love with our community. Our warm fuzzies about where we live drives us to do everything we can to make this a better place to live. We are committed to giving back to our community through our donations and through our service. Our giving philosophy is simple - we believe in spreading our support throughout the community so that everyone benefits, rather than giving to one cause alone. See below for our list of organizations we've given a hand to.

Organizations - Who we’re giving back to