• MLS#: 98865578
  • Lot: 1 / Block: 9
  • Status: New-Never Occupied
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3071 W Bowknot Lake Ave

The Kobi 2023 is the single level home of your dreams in the new phase of Trapper Ridge community. The 4 spacious bedrooms are split across the home creating space for everyone in the family. The long hallway invites your guests in and leads them into a large living space and complete with a gorgeous kitchen. We know you will love the Kobi 2023 just as much as we do. Photos are Similar. All selections are subject to change. RCE-923

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*Based on 30-year fixed term, 20% down payment, a rate of 5.625%, and does not include property taxes and insurance. The actual payment obligation will be greater. Assumes a 720+ credit score, a rate of 5.625%, APR 5.923% as of January 30th, 2023. Rate and payment information is provided by Premier Mortgage Resources, NMLS #1169. Premier Mortgage Resources is not affiliated with CBH Sales and Marketing and is provided for informational purposes only. Contact Mandi Feely- Swain, NMLS #38490 at to find out more about programs to suit your needs. Credit on approval. Terms subject to change without notice. Equal Housing Lender.