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  • MLS#: 98859204
  • Lot: 12 / Block: 19
  • Status: New-Never Occupied
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631 W Wolf Willow St

Festival of Homes $30K in savings has been applied off the purchase price. The Palisades 1722 | Turning the key and opening the door will be a pleasure every day in your Palisades! The entrance features 9ft ceilings. Three of the four bedrooms are snuggled in the corner to the left of the entrance with quick access to a full bathroom. Gorgeous EVP flooring throughout the entire great room flows seamlessly into the kitchen! Photos are actual home!RCE-923

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*Based on 30-year fixed term, 20% down payment, a rate of 6.125%, and does not include property taxes and insurance. The actual payment obligation will be greater. Assumes a 720+ credit score, a rate of 6.125%, APR 6.45% as of November 29th, 2022. Rate and payment information is provided by Premier Mortgage Resources, NMLS #1169. Premier Mortgage Resources is not affiliated with CBH Sales and Marketing and is provided for informational purposes only. Contact Mandi Feely- Swain, NMLS #38490 at to find out more about programs to suit your needs. Credit on approval. Terms subject to change without notice. Equal Housing Lender.