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  • MLS#: 98896023
  • Lot: 2 / Block: 4
  • Status: New-Never Occupied
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8884 W Hill Road Pkwy

Get $35K now thru 2/29 with the New Home Era bonus! This new home located in beautiful Boise, Idaho has all the comforts you need & more! Experience contemporary living at its finest in the Carlton 1676. Enter to 9ft. ceilings that span across the main level. A sizable kitchen with stainless steel appliances, solid surface counter tops, and a large island awaits on the main level. The kitchen island overlooks an expansive living room that invites you to relax. Venture upstairs to find three comfortable bedrooms, including the luxurious primary suite, complete with a tranquil en suite bathroom. An attached alley load garage offers plenty of storage space! Photos are of actual home! Closing no sooner than 4/15/24.

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*Based on 30-year fixed term, FHA loan with a 3.5% down payment, a 1/0 temporary buydown (interest rate of 4.625% year 1 and 5.625% year 2-30), a rate of 4.625%, and does not include property taxes and insurance or mortgage insurance. The actual payment obligation will be greater. Assumes a 680+ credit score, a rate of 5.625%, APR 6.37% as of February 15th, 2024. This applies to new rate locks and cannot be applied if loan is already locked. Buydown rate is provided by use of CBH New Home Era Promo and Premier Mortgage Resources Promo in combination. Maximum FHA loan amount $586,500. Other restrictions may apply. Rate and payment information is provided by Premier Mortgage Resources, NMLS #1169. Premier Mortgage Resources is not affiliated with CBH Sales and Marketing and is provided for informational purposes only. Contact Mandi Feely- Swain, NMLS #38490 at www.TeamMandi.com to find out more about programs to suit your needs. Credit on approval. Terms subject to change without notice. Equal housing lender. Marketed by CBH Sales & Marketing, Inc. in Idaho. RCE-923

*Some restrictions apply. See a CBH Sales Specialist for complete details. To qualify for the 2024 New Home Era Bonus Promo contract dates must be between 01-01-24 and 02-29-24, may not replace any prior agreement currently in escrow and is non-transferable. Promo amount to be applied toward buyers’ interest rate buydowns, closing costs, appliances, window coverings and more. Promo amount is based off of listing price. Buyer to receive: $45,000 on homes priced at or above $600,000; $35,000 on homes priced between $500,000 - $599,999; $25,000 on homes priced between $400,000 - $499,999; or $15,000 on homes priced at or below $399,999. Marketed by CBH Sales and Marketing, Inc. in Idaho. Broker cooperation invited. RCE-923