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Welcome to Kuna, Idaho. Nestled inside of bustling Ada County, Kuna lies just 18 miles southwest of Boise, the state’s capital. Unlike Meridian, Kuna isn’t estimated to be one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States, but it is estimated to be one of the fastest growing areas in Idaho. In fact, Kuna’s population nearly tripled between 2000 and 2010!

Kuna boasts four full seasons, which is perfect for people who love to enjoy a warm summer, a crisp autumn, a verdant spring, and a mild (but sometimes snowy) winter. The weather in Kuna is considered among the best in the state of Idaho, and the summers are especially acclaimed. On average, housing prices in Kuna are also the most affordable in Ada County, without sacrificing any of the quality of life the Boise metro area is known for. Because it combines great weather and exceptional housing prices, it’s no wonder Kuna is sprouting so fast.

Though it’s growing quickly, Kuna still retains that “small town Idaho” feel that many Idaho natives cherish, and many new residents base their relocation decisions on. Despite its relatively small population size, hovering around 20,000, Kuna offers no shortage of activities. Kuna offers plenty of outdoor recreation, quality restaurants, a renowned winery, and noteworthy events. Kuna is also very business friendly, and is a popular spot for new businesses in the Treasure Valley.

Even more importantly, Kuna provides an excellent quality of life level to its residents. Kuna offers excellent schools and healthcare, and opportunities for adventure in the area abound. The thing people who live in Kuna seem to like best about the town, however, are the high quality of their friends and neighbors. Although the entire Treasure Valley is welcoming, Kuna is renowned for its friendliness and family-oriented community.

From the breathtaking outdoor attraction at Dedication Point to its charming downtown area, the growing town of Kuna has plenty to give new residents. At CBH Homes, we take great pride in our Kuna communities. We know you’ll love the small town feel, and the assurance that you’ve chosen a great place to raise a family.

A view of the winding Snake River and the surrounding plain from on top of a bluff
The Snake River offers both recreation opportunities and breathtaking views.

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Where Are Our Communities?

CBH Homes currently features eight communities in Kuna. These choice locations provide direct access to all of Kuna, including the city’s many amenities and outdoor recreation spots. Our communities, in true Treasure Valley spirit, also offer easy access to Boise, Nampa, and Meridian, too. So whether you’re enjoying the small town life in Kuna, or want to spend the day in one of Ada County’s larger cities, our CBH Homes communities offer an easy gateway. No matter where you are headed in the Valley, CBH Homes’ Kuna communities have you covered.

Our eight Kuna Communities

Each of these eight communities also reflect our highest priorities, which are cleanliness and safety. These beautiful communities are full of great people, clean streets, and beautiful homes. Kuna is one of the safest places in all of the Treasure Valley, which is one of the safest areas in the entire United States. We take pride in our Kuna communities, and the neighbors you’ll meet living inside of them feel the same way we do. Our Kuna communities exemplify the safety and quality of life that are only possibly in the Boise metro area.

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What Is There To Do Outdoors?

When you live in Kuna, there are always plenty of outdoor experiences within arm’s reach. Kuna itself has a multitude of unique and spectacular outdoor adventure opportunities, and the surrounding Treasure Valley offers even more possibilities. For people who love exploring the outdoors, Kuna is an ideal place to live. Indian Creek and Dedication Point are popular with locals, and frequently attract visitors from around the Valley. Falcon Crest Golf Club is one of the most enjoyable courses in the entire Boise metro area, and Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range offers a safe, educational, and professional environment that’s respected by hunters and sportsmen throughout the Treasure Valley. Whether you’re into sports, exploration, sightseeing, or relaxation, there’s something amazing for you within the city of Kuna.

If you go through this section and still want even more to do in Kuna, you can always visit the city’s official Attractions Page.

Indian Creek

Indian Creek, a tributary of the Snake River, is a popular destination for Kuna locals-- especially in the warmer months. People from all across the Treasure Valley love to float the creek, and there are plenty of tube, raft, and small boat rentals available. Indian Creek features exciting rapids and spots for more laid back, relaxing floating experiences. Indian Creek is also a beloved fishing spot throughout the entire year, and you’ll find fishermen there in every season. In the summer, families also love to swim in the calmer parts of Indian Creek, or simply just relax by the creek bed.

A large raft full of passengers floats its way down the Snake River.
Floating the Snake River and its tributaries is a favorite summer activity for locals.

Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range

Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range provides a safe place to shoot for hunters and sport shooters throughout the year. Hunting and sport shooting are both popular activities in Southern Idaho, including Kuna. BCR attracts over 7,000 shooters per year, and is the largest and most well visited range in Idaho. BCR is actually owned by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and a non-profit shooting club, called EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles, Inc. takes on the daily maintenance and upkeep of the range. Many events are held at BCR all year round, and 46 shooting benches, with shooting distances from 25 to 2000 yards, mean ample accomodations for the public. The range’s benches and restroom facilities are also accessible for disabled shooters. Overall, BCR provides a safe, educational, and welcoming environment for hunters and sport shooters across the Treasure Valley.

Shooting range
Take aim at some good times!

Dedication Point

At Dedication Point, wind, rock, and water come together to form a unique wildlife habitat-- one like no other in the country. Many birds of prey make their home at Dedication Point, and you can see these majestic raptors there throughout the year. Dedication Point is full of crags, crevasses, and sagebrush, which means you’ll find much more than predatory birds in the area. You’ll also see lizards, ground squirrels, wrens, doves, rabbits, and much more. Aside from the extraordinary wildlife, Dedication Point also provides an astounding view of the Snake River Canyon. It’s just a short quarter mile trek from the parking lot, located on Swan Falls Road just 16 miles past Kuna, to the canyon rim. Make sure to bring binoculars and other provisions, since the view, the wildlife, and the interpretive educational signs make Dedication Point an ideal all-day outing-- one you’ll likely return to time after time.

A Golden Eagle soars through the blue sky above Dedication Point
Golden Eagles are one of many species of raptors that can be seen in their natural habitats at Dedication Point.

Falcon Crest Golf Club

Falcon Crest Golf Club is a massive gold complex, considered one of the five best in all of Idaho, and boasts a showstopping 36 holes. Falcon Crest provides stunning views and gorgeous landscapes like only Kuna can, and it’s an ideal golf retreat for athletes of all ages and skill levels. There’s a twenty seven hole championship course, as well as a nine hole executive course. The practice facility at Falcon Crest is considered one of the finest in the entire state. If you enjoy the game of golf, Falcon Crest Golf Club is a must-visit course-- and that’s true for golfers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

A golf ball sits on a white tee overlooking the course at Falcon Crest Golf Club
Falcon Crest Golf Club offers beautiful views and a high-end golf experience.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

Robin L. Fontes, a United States Army major general, is from Kuna. In July 2017, she assumed command of the Combined Security Transition.

What Opportunities Are There to Grow and Learn?

The quality of education in Kuna is high. Children in primary through high school enjoy a high level of education, with smaller class sizes than children in other school districts. Kuna is also close to Boise State University, The Idaho State University satellite campus, College of Idaho, and College of Western Idaho. Located in Nampa, just 10 miles from Kuna, Northwest Nazarene University provides a stellar education at an excellent value.

Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest Nazarene University is a private Christian liberal arts college that consistently receives accolades and high rankings. Because of its high standing, NNU is attended by Christian and secular students alike, from across the entire Treasure valley. Its incredible cost-to-quality ratio means NNU has been rates by World Report and US news as one of the tops masters-level universities in the West, and it has been featured multiple times in The Best Western Colleges, a Princeton Review publication.

Northwest Nazarene University features over 60 areas of study, including 18 master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees. Its 90-acre campus in Nampa is beautiful and easily accessible, which means it boasts an unprecedented quality of campus life. NNU also features online courses and concurrent credit programs for high school students.

Founded in 1913, Northwest Nazarene University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

NNU Graduates
NNU boasts a fantastic graduation rate and job placement success.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

Kuna’s name might come from one of two places. The town originated as a railroad stop, which then offered coach transport to Boise city. The Kuna Chamber of Commerce states that “Kuna,” when translated, means “the end of the trail,” which makes sense considering its origins. Pioneer and author Charles S. Walgamott, however, believes Kuna is a Shoshone Tribe word meaning “green leaf good to smoke.”

Where To Find The Best Eats & Drinks?

Great food and drink are a defining characteristic of the Treasure Valley, and Kuna offers more than its fair share. Though Kuna is the perfect ideal of a small Idaho town, you’ll find food from a variety of countries and cultures within the city limits. Indian Creek Winery is popular across the entire Northwestern United States, and restaurants like Lima Limon, Matteo’s, and Enrique’s offer up surprising and delicious food to foodies from all over the Boise metro area.

Indian Creek Winery is often described as a “hidden gem” among Pacific Northwest wine enthusiasts. The winery itself is decorated in brilliant flowers, and it’s not uncommon to see colorful butterflies gracefully soaring the landscape in the summer months. Founded in 1982, Indian Creek Winery is family owned and operated, and produces a wide variety of wines. They offer tastings, tours, and more. It’s a popular destination for Boise residents but, when you live in Kuna, this distinguished winery is right at your doorstep.

A full glass of red wine sits beside the bottle at Indian Creek Winery
The well-crafted wine list at Indian Creek Winery makes it a true stand out.

Lima Limon Peruvian Restaurant features a full menu of comfort food and delicacies from Peru. Lima Limon is known for its friendly service, authentic Peruvian cuisine, and it’s fully stocked sports bar. Its casual ambience and serious gourmet menu makes it a magnet for foodies across the Valley, but it’s best known by Kuna locals as “one of the best places in town to eat!”

Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant has been a Kuna institution since 1998. Enrique and Ana, the restaurant’s owners, base their menu on their traditional family recipes. The menu is vast, and has something to suit every taste, but truly the most standout item is the molcajetes. They are served in hot lava rock bowls, which makes for a sizzlingly unique experience for any diner.

A colorful, spice-dusted taco sits on a plate at Enrique’s in Kuna
The best ingredients go into making the mouthwatering dishes at Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant.
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

Colonel Bernard Fisher Veteran’s Memorial Park in Kuna is named after a remarkable man. Colonel Fisher is one of most Kuna’s famous residents, and was a United States Air Force officer for most of his life. He received the MEdal of Honor, the US Military's highest decoration, for his remarkable service. A well known figure because of the daring rescue missions he flew, Colonel Fisher was the first Air Force member to receive the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War. He also ran for governor of Idaho in 1981!

What Are The Can't Miss Things To Do?

Like every city in the Treasure Valley, Kuna offers many activities and festivals for its residents. The Kuna Arts Commission puts on events and supports local artists all year round. In August, Kuna Days is always a source of joy for the community. The Snake River Raptor Fest is appreciated by families all around the Valley in mid-May, and the city becomes anachronistically lively every October with the Idaho Renaissance Faire.

Kuna Days

Kuna Days takes place during the first weekend of every August. It provides a carnival atmosphere for local families, including indulgent food vendors, spectacular playgrounds for children, a rubber duck race at Indian Creek, a barbecue fundraiser at the fire station, street dances, fireworks, and a full-on parade. Several bars and venues also feature live music during Kuna days, and there’s always a free concert at the bandshell. People from all over the Boise metro area come to celebrate Kuna Days, and it’s a big highlight of every summer.

An explosion of fireworks in the pitch black night sky
Fireworks light up the night August night sky during Kuna Days.

Snake River Raptor Fest

The Snake River Raptor Fest, hosted by The Birds of Prey National Conservation Area Partnership, is hosted in Kuna. It features numerous family-friendly activities, including field trips to the conservation area, a chance to see the impressive birds of prey in person, and interactive presentations from scientists and conservationists. The festival also provides live music, local beer and wine, food trucks, artists, and raptor-themed activities and games for kids.

For anyone interested in days of yore, the Idaho Renaissance Faire is a dream come true. Adventurous families will find history enthusiasts and merry-makers in lavish costumes, renaissance festival food favorites like turkey legs and sausage on a stick, gorgeous (and often wearable) arts and crafts, and a huge variety of live entertainment. Whether you like the music, the pageantry, the art, the food, or just the impressive costumes, Idaho Renaissance Faire is one of the most fun activities in Kuna-- and in all of Idaho!

A squire helps prepare a knight on horseback for an upcoming jousting match
The Idaho Renaissance Faire is a can’t miss event for the adventurous family!
Fun Fact Icon

Fun Fact

The Idaho State Correctional Institution, located near Kuna, is the oldest operating prison in the state. The ISCI hosts the Inmate Dog Alliance Program of Idaho (IDAPI), which places dogs from the Humane Society with inmates, which helps prepare the dogs for adoption, and provides therapeutic opportunities for the inmates.

Kuna is a beautiful place to live. It’s a welcoming community full of friendly neighbors, great restaurants, and fantastic local businesses. Quality of life is high in Kuna, where housing prices are affordable, and opportunity is everywhere. It’s close to a staggering amount of unique outdoor adventure opportunities, and also close to larger cities like Boise and Nampa. And, although it’s growing quickly, Kuna still retains its small town Idaho charm. Kuna is truly one of the best places to live in Idaho-- and in the whole country.

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