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Dwellinghood - The Whole Family Under One Roof


The Whole Family Under One Roof

The “traditional” household is evolving and living situations are becoming increasingly multi-generational.

Whether you’re bunking with those you raised or those who raised you, CBH Dwellinghood floor plans offer both privacy and togetherness for the modern family. Exclusively from CBH Homes.

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3 Reasons for Needing a Dwellinghood

  • In-Laws

    Reason #1 The In-Laws

    Sometimes life can throw you a curveball. That’s what they call it when your mother-in-law shows up on your doorstep for an “extended” visit, right? Regardless, the new Dwellinghood floor plans allow just the right amount of privacy while keeping your family close enough for comfort.


  • Manchild

    Reason #2 The Man Child

    You’ve always imagined the day your little boy would turn into a strapping young man and head out in the world. Twenty-four years and a couple of life plan changes later, he hasn’t quite made it that far. Luckily, the new Dwellinghood floor plans are designed to be big enough for all of you.


  • Rockstar

    Reason #3 The Rockstar

    Remember when you were young and you were dreaming of the day you’d become the first international rock star to play on the moon? Well, now that your kids have grown, your man child has moved out and your mother-in-law decided to relocate to Florida, you can make that dream a reality… ish. Not only are the Dwellinghood floor plans meant for the modern family, sometimes they’re meant for the modern you.


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